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By Advanced Dental Arts
July 19, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: dental crowns  

Having a beautiful and healthy smile is often the goal. However, many factors such as trauma and disease could compromise your dental health and beauty. Seeing Dr. Aaron Schertzer of Advanced Dental Arts in St. Louis, MO, also serving Oakville, MO, for permanent dental crowns could help you achieve a beautiful smile and protect your otherwise damaged teeth.

Permanent Dental Crowns: What Are They

Commonly referred to as dental caps, dental crowns are covers shaped like your tooth which your dentist installs to cover up damage and strengthen your teeth. They are custom-made using your dental impressions so that they match your natural teeth as closely as possible.

Dental crowns are made from:

  • Metal
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Composite

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay causes the development of cavities that damage the integrity of your tooth. Your dentist could attempt to fill out the cavities with tooth fillings. However, if you have gotten your tooth filled multiple times or you have a large cavity, your dentist in St. Louis, MO, also serving Oakville, MO, might suggest permanent dental crowns to strengthen your tooth.

Root Canal

During a root canal treatment, your dentist removes the infected pulp tissue leaving your tooth hollow. Your now hollow tooth is much more vulnerable to damage and covering it up with a permanent dental crown is a standard recommendation to prevent further damage.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

When you have a crack in your tooth, it can be painful and make chewing difficult. Furthermore, an infection could spread through the crack to your tooth root to cause more damage. Without the necessary protection, a cracked tooth today could turn into a broken tooth tomorrow due to stress.

Severely chipped teeth need protection from further damage too. That's why your dentist might suggest covering up your cracked or chipped tooth with permanent dental crowns.

Beautify Your Teeth

A beautiful smile is an asset and dental crowns could help you improve dental defects that you dislike such as tooth discolorations or misshaped teeth.

Tooth Replacement

Dental crowns form an integral part of tooth restorations such as dental implants and bridges. Therefore, if you're missing one or more teeth, dental crowns could be part of your tooth restoration.

Speak to your dentist, Dr. Schertzer of Advanced Dental Arts in St. Louis, MO, also serving Oakville, MO, about permanent dental crowns by calling (314) 892-2120 to schedule your consultation.