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Do you like how your smile looks? Chances are there are a few things you’d like to change about your smile. Now you can, thanks to cosmetic dentistry services and treatments available from your dentist.

Dr. Aaron Schertzer of Advanced Dental Arts in Oakville, MO offers many cosmetic dentistry services and treatments to improve your smile.

If you want to brighten up your smile, consider professional teeth whitening. You can whiten your smile up to 8 shades whiter, safely and quickly. Your results last a long time too, even up to 5 years! Whether your smile is suffering from coffee or tobacco stains, or your smile is aging and growing dull, professional teeth whitening can make your smile look dazzling!

If your teeth are full of large, unsightly old metal fillings, why not consider replacing them with natural-looking tooth-colored fillings? Tooth-colored fillings use composite, a unique material that can be matched to the color of your teeth. After the fillings are placed, they blend into your smile perfectly. They are completely metal-free and provide a strong restorative treatment.

If you have large defects in your teeth, consider hiding them with porcelain veneers. These are beautiful laminates of porcelain that are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth. Porcelain veneers can hide fracture lines, cracks, areas of broken tooth structure, blotchy enamel, and other flaws. They are a conservative treatment because your dentist removes little to no tooth structure, just enough to compensate for the thickness of the veneers.

To discover more about the cosmetic dentistry services and treatments available at Advanced Dental Arts please visit the Cosmetic and General Dentistry section on the website at https://www.adastl.com/cosmetic-and-general-dentistry.html

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile in amazing ways! Get started on a great new smile by calling Dr. Aaron Schertzer of Advanced Dental Arts in Oakville, MO at (314) 892-2120. Call today.