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By Advanced Dental Arts
April 24, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Could your smile be trying to tell you that you need root canal treatment?root canal

Ouch! Your tooth really hurts. But what could be going on? While a toothache is a pretty big warning sign that something is wrong, our Oakville, MO, dentist, Dr. Aaron Schertzer, is here to tell you more about the classic symptoms that might be trying to tell you that you need root canal treatment.

It’s important to note that not all symptoms are the same for everyone who needs this endodontic treatment. Symptoms can vary in type and severity, so you shouldn’t ignore any changes that might be going on with your teeth or gums.

The first most common and classic sign that those who need root canal treatment experience is dental pain. The pain is often intense and comes on quickly. The tooth may also be extremely sensitive to chewing or biting. A toothache is a dental emergency and needs to be treated by our Oakville general dentist as soon as possible to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Along with pain and sensitivity, you may also notice that the gums surrounding the tooth are tender, swollen, and red. Pus may even form around the tooth (this is known as an abscess). Pus is a telltale sign that an infection has set in.

When you give us a call let us know the symptoms you are facing so that we can determine whether this is a problem that needs to be addressed the same day or if you can wait a day or two for an appointment. We will ask you questions regarding the pain’s location, severity and onset to figure out the best course of action.

It’s also important to recognize that dental pain doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to undergo root canal treatment. Of course, it does mean something is going on. It might be decay or a crack in the tooth. Whatever the case might be, the minute you experience dental pain you need to come in for an immediate evaluation. The sooner we handle this problem the better it will be for your oral health.

Don’t let dental pain or other issues affect your oral health and your daily life. Our Oakville, MO, family dentist is here to provide you with the emergency dental care you need whenever you need it. Call Advanced Dental Arts anytime!