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By Advanced Dental Arts
May 30, 2017
Category: Oral Health

Regular dental visits are important for maintaining good oral health, but they do more than that. Preventing the spread of gum diseasepreventative dentistry and other oral health issues can have a positive impact on your overall health. Many health conditions are linked to gum disease and poor oral health. Heart disease is one of them. Your dentist can spot the early warning signs so that you can seek medical treatment. At Advanced Dental Arts, Dr. Aaron Schertzer is your Oakville, MO, family dentist for helping you maintain good oral health, as well as better health overall.

Better Oral Health

Regular dental visits are important for keeping your teeth and gums health. Some oral health problems, such as tartar buildup, cannot be removed with regular brushing and flossing. Only a professional dental cleaning can clear away tartar buildup. Additionally, regular dental visits can prevent certain oral health problems, such as gum disease, from developing. Regular dental visits with cleanings can also stop gum disease from spreading when it is already present. Regular dental visits with your Oakville family dentistry practice are vital for good oral health.

Early Detection of Other Diseases

Aside from maintaining good oral health, regular dental visits can also help with early detection of other diseases or conditions within the body. Dentists can recognize the signs of various health problems based on the condition of the mouth. Diabetes, osteoporosis and nighttime reflux disease can all be detected by observing specific symptoms in the mouth. For instance, the loss of bone in the jaw area or around the teeth can be a sign of osteoporosis. Other conditions with oral symptoms include heart disease, kidney disease and pancreatic cancer.

The importance of regular dental visits for maintaining good oral health is obvious, but there is an added benefit of potentially detecting other diseases within the body. A dentist can spot signs in the mouth that are indicative of other health conditions. To schedule a dental visit with Dr. Schertzer, contact advanced Dental Arts, your Oakville, MO, family dentistry office, at (314) 892-2120.