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By Advanced Dental Arts
April 23, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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Candy and ice cream, burgers and fries, soda and syrups...while these are delicious treats for many Americans' taste buds, they're not so great for our dental health. That's because sweets and other unhealthy foods can lead to dental decay so severe that a root canal procedure will be necessary for any hope of saving your teeth.

At Advanced Dental Arts, your mouth can get the lasting dental help it needs for every decayed tooth, as root canal therapy can even Root Canalhelp restore teeth that have been severely damaged by poor dietary and oral hygiene habits. Aaron Schertzer, DDS, is the family dentist who administers root canal therapies, which often come about because of dental problems that involve infections reaching all the way down into the tooth's pulp.

This inner chamber holds all the important blood vessels and nerves of your tooth, and when it gets infected so bad that the underlying root begins to decay, that's when a root canal procedure becomes necessary.

You can know if you have an inner tooth that is diseased if:

  • you have lots of pain and sensitivity in the tooth
  • you start to notice small pockets of pus developing in the affected area
  • an abscess has or is starting to form in the tooth

The Success Of A Root Canal Treatment

Getting root canal therapy isn't nearly as harrowing as you might think. All it entails is taking out the problem tissue so that the infection is stopped and your tooth can be restored. Prior to root canals, full tooth extraction was the only solution for a diseased tooth.

For more information on root canal therapy offered in Oakville, MO, give Dr. Schertzer a call today at (314) 892-2120 for full dental relief at the family dentist you can trust!