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By Advanced Dental Arts
July 12, 2017
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Has it been a while since you had a filling? If you've been lucky enough to avoid cavities for years, you might not be familiar with the latest filling types. Dr. Aaron Schertzer, whoTeeth Fillings practices family dentistry in Oakville, MO, discusses filling options.

Composite resin fillings

Composite resin fillings, also called tooth-colored fillings, are available in a variety of shades designed to match the most common tooth colors. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, they're unnoticeable. Plastic and powdered glass are the chief ingredients in composite resin. The fillings decrease the risk of a tooth fracture because they don't expand and contract like amalgam fillings when exposed to temperature variations.

Porcelain fillings

Porcelain fillings also don't expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold temperatures. These fillings blend in with your tooth color just like composite resin fillings. Composite resin fillings can eventually become stained, but porcelain fillings are very stain resistant. Although they're not as noticeable as gold fillings, porcelain fillings are nearly as expensive.

Glass ionomer fillings

Glass ionomer, a special type of filling material, is used if you have cavities in your front teeth, on your roots or on the base of a tooth. The tooth-colored material gradually releases fluoride, which can help prevent new cavities around the filled area.

Inlays and onlays

When you have a very large cavity, traditional filling materials aren't the best choice. Inlays fit inside the cusps of teeth, while onlays extend beyond at least one cusp.

Fillings restore and protect your teeth. If you're concerned about a possible cavity, call Oakville, MO, dentist Dr. Aaron Schertzer at (314) 892-2120. There are a range of family dentistry services offered, including fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures.