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By Advanced Dental Arts
September 14, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

Do you look in the mirror and wish your smile was more attractive? Your cosmetic dentist in St. Louis, MO, also serving Oakville, MO, Dr. Aaron Schertzer, can help you improve your appearance with a variety of cosmetic dentistry services and procedures.

What cosmetic dentistry option is right for you?

Even minor tooth issues can mean big problems for your smile. Tiny chips or discolored teeth are hard to hide and may make you feel self-conscious every time you open your mouth. During your visit to your St. Louis, MO, cosmetic dentist also serving Oakville, MO, we may recommend one of these smile-enhancing procedures:

  • Bonding: Bonding is an excellent choice for many types of imperfections and is one of the least costly cosmetic dentistry options. It's a good option if you want to cover a discolored tooth, hide a crack, fill in a chip or gap, or improve the appearance of a tooth. Bonding involves applying flexible composite resin to your tooth, shaping it, then hardening it with a curing light.
  • Teeth Whitening: If your smile has lost its luster, why not brighten it with teeth whitening? Whitening removes stain-causing pigments from your tooth enamel with professional-strength hydrogen peroxide gel. After a one-hour whitening session, you can expect to see a three to eight shade improvement in your smile.
  • Veneers: Veneers conceal many imperfections and don't require any major changes to your tooth structure. The thin shells are cemented to the fronts of your teeth after a tiny amount of enamel is removed. In some cases, it's not even necessary to remove any enamel. Veneers are often used to change the shape and length of teeth, close slight gaps, improve the appearance of discolored teeth, and hide imperfections like chips, cracks, and uneven surfaces.
  • Dental Implants: Implants make it possible to create a brand new tooth from top to bottom. Titanium posts replace your missing tooth roots and bond to your jawbone. They're connected to dental crowns, restorations that replace the tops of teeth, to create brand new, fully functioning teeth.

Upgrade your smile with a cosmetic dentistry procedure! Call your St. Louis, MO, cosmetic dentist also serving Oakville, MO, Dr. Schertzer, at 314-892-2120 to schedule an appointment.

By Advanced Dental Arts
January 10, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

Cosmetic dentistry procedures help you keep your smile strong and healthy. If you're concerned about a dental issue or want to improve your smile, your Oakville area cosmetic dentist, Dr. Aaron Schertzer, can help you decide if one or more of these procedures is right for you.

Tooth-colored fillings

Thanks to tooth-colored fillings, no one has to ever know that you had a cavity. The fillings are made with composite resin, a flexible material that's tinted to match common tooth shades. After the filling material is added to your tooth, it's exposed to a curing light that hardens it in just a few minutes.

Teeth whitening

Have you been disappointed with the whitening products you've found at Oakville area stores? The teeth whitening gel applied to your teeth at the dentist's office contains a stronger formulation of hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient in whiteners. Hydrogen peroxide safely bleaches away stains, leaving your teeth three to eight shades whiter. In-office whitening treatment only takes about an hour.

Dental implants

If you've lost a tooth, you're not alone. The American College of Prosthodontists reports that 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Restoring your lost tooth with a dental implant improves your appearance, improves biting and chewing ability, and helps you keep your jawbone strong.

Dental implants replace missing tooth roots with titanium posts implanted in your jawbone. The posts gradually bond to your jawbone and are then connected to dental crowns to create a brand new tooth.

Porcelain veneers

Veneers offer a simple way to change the appearance of teeth without extensive dental work. The wafer-thin porcelain shells fit over the fronts of teeth and are attached with dental cement.

Porcelain veneers can lengthen teeth and improve their shape. They're an excellent option if your tooth is crooked or oddly shaped or just doesn't look like your other teeth. Veneers are also used to hide chips and cracks, keep discolorations out of sight, whiten all of your teeth, or close slight gaps between teeth.

Are you ready to renew your smile with a cosmetic dentistry procedure? Call Dr. Aaron Schertzer, your cosmetic dentist in Oakville at (314) 892-2120 to schedule your appointment.

By Advanced Dental Arts
March 27, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental CrownsHow crowns from your dentist in Oakville, MO, can improve your smile

Dental crowns are a popular solution to restore both the strength and beauty of your smile. Dr. Aaron Schertzer at Advanced Dental Arts in Oakville, MO, offers permanent dental crowns that will improve your smile.

If you are considering dental crowns, it’s a good idea to know what to expect. These are just a few of the most common questions and answers about getting dental crowns.

Why choose a dental crown instead of a dental filling?

A dental crown actually strengthens your tooth by holding the tooth together. A filling can weaken your tooth by separating the tooth into sections, creating a wedge between different areas of tooth structure.

How will a crown make my tooth stronger?

When you bite down on a dental crown, the biting pressure and force is spread across the entire surface of your tooth, preventing breakage. The crown covers your tooth like a suit-of-armor, protecting the tooth from biting and chewing forces.

When will I need a crown?

You should choose a crown for a tooth that is badly damaged, has lost a lot of tooth structure, has been weakened by a root canal, or has severe decay.

What are dental crowns made of?

The most cosmetically beautiful choice is full porcelain, which looks just like natural tooth enamel. Full porcelain is a great choice for front teeth. Another option is porcelain-fused-to-metal, or a PFM crown. These crowns are stronger because of the metal underlay and are an excellent choice for back teeth, where you need increased strength for chewing. Gold is another option offering strength, but lacking the natural beauty of porcelain.

How many appointments will I need to get a dental crown?

Dental crowns typically require 2 appointments. At the first appointment, your tooth will be prepared to receive the crown. Models are taken of the prepared tooth, and these are sent off to a dental laboratory. At the lab, skilled dental artisans will create your crown and the crown is then sent back to Advanced Dental Arts. Dr. Schertzer will permanently cement your crown at your second appointment.

Dental crowns are an excellent choice to improve your smile. They will give you a stronger, more beautiful smile you will be proud to show to the world. To find out more about permanent dental crowns and other restorative, cosmetic, and preventive services, call Dr. Aaron Schertzer at Advanced Dental Arts in Oakville, MO, today!

By Advanced Dental Arts
March 06, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you unhappy with your smile? Dental bonding can give you the perfect smile you've always wanted. Advanced Dental Arts, which isdental bonding located in Saint Louis, MO, offers a full range of dental services, including dental bonding. Dr. Aaron Schertzer is one of the top dentists in the country. Read on to find out if dental bonding would work for you.

What is Dental Bonding?

Composite bonding is the application of tooth-colored resin materials using a light source, which bonds the materials to the teeth to enhance a person's smile. Composite bonding is used to repair chipped teeth, decayed teeth and cracked teeth. Bonding is also used to improve the appearance of discolored teeth and close gaps between teeth. 

The Benefits of Bonding

Bonding can usually be done in a single office visit unless many teeth are involved. Very little tooth enamel is removed with this procedure, which gives it an advantage over options like permanent crowns and porcelain veneers.

Ideal Candidates for Bonding

In order to be considered a suitable candidate for bonding, you must be in good oral health. Bonding is not an appropriate treatment for teeth that are structurally compromised to the point that they require restorative work. Bonding is not an appropriate treatment for people with gum disease or other conditions that require immediate dental care. Once these conditions have been addressed, then a patient’s candidacy for bonding may be reassessed.

Dental Bonding Consultation

During your dental bonding consultation, your Saint Louis dentist will talk to you about the changes you would like to make to your smile. During your consultation, your dentist will discuss if you are a candidate for the smile problems that composite bonding can correct. Your dentist will conduct an examination of your gums and teeth that may involve x-rays.

Ready to make a change in your life? Give yourself a smile you love. Say yes to dental bonding! Call Advanced Dental Arts at (314) 892-2120 right now to schedule a dental appointment in Saint Louis, MO. Dental bonding will dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile. Remember, it's never too late to beautify your smile.

What you need to know about cosmetic fillings

Cosmetic fillings, also called tooth-colored fillings, improve the look of your smile by blending naturally and seamlessly with your existingcosmetic fillings teeth. They also improve your chewing function by repairing damaged and broken teeth. They are one of the most versatile dental treatments available to restore your smile to greatness. Dr. Aaron M. Schertzer, of Advanced Dental Arts in Oakville, Missouri, wants you to know how cosmetic fillings can help you and your smile.

Your Oakville dentist wants you to know cosmetic fillings are the perfect dental treatment to improve the look and function of teeth that are:

  • Decayed from bacterial plaque and inadequate oral hygiene
  • Damaged and broken from trauma or injury
  • Chipped and cracked from aging and overuse
  • Badly stained or discolored from coffee, smoking or medications

Cosmetic fillings can replace ugly, old, broken, metal (amalgam) fillings with a completely natural-looking, completely beautiful look that matches your existing tooth color. They also help the function of your teeth, because the filling material will actually hold your tooth together, much like cement. In contrast, metal fillings can weaken your tooth by creating a wedge between different sections. When you bite down, the metal filling can break, taking a piece of your tooth with it.

Cosmetic fillings are created with composite, a liquid resin material that Dr. Schertzer can sculpt and mold to match your teeth perfectly. The composite material is hardened with a special ultraviolet light, and your new filling is then polished to perfection.

This procedure has many advantages when compared with other dental fillings. Cosmetic fillings will provide you with years of excellent service and these great benefits:

  • Beauty: because they are created from composite, a material that looks just like your natural teeth
  • A natural look: because Dr. Schertzer will color-match the composite to your teeth perfectly
  • Strong protection: because composite bonds broken parts of your tooth together

You and your smile deserve an improved look and function . Don’t settle for old, unsightly metal fillings that will detract from your smile. Now, thanks to cosmetic fillings, you can have beauty and function together in the same dental treatment. When you replace the broken down metal fillings, your friends will notice your smile and not your fillings! It’s time to call Dr. Aaron M. Schertzer of Advanced Dental Arts in Oakville, Missouri today for a dental appointment to improve the look of your mouth!