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By Advanced Dental Arts
July 19, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: dental crowns  

Having a beautiful and healthy smile is often the goal. However, many factors such as trauma and disease could compromise your dental health and beauty. Seeing Dr. Aaron Schertzer of Advanced Dental Arts in St. Louis, MO, also serving Oakville, MO, for permanent dental crowns could help you achieve a beautiful smile and protect your otherwise damaged teeth.

Permanent Dental Crowns: What Are They

Commonly referred to as dental caps, dental crowns are covers shaped like your tooth which your dentist installs to cover up damage and strengthen your teeth. They are custom-made using your dental impressions so that they match your natural teeth as closely as possible.

Dental crowns are made from:

  • Metal
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Composite

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay causes the development of cavities that damage the integrity of your tooth. Your dentist could attempt to fill out the cavities with tooth fillings. However, if you have gotten your tooth filled multiple times or you have a large cavity, your dentist in St. Louis, MO, also serving Oakville, MO, might suggest permanent dental crowns to strengthen your tooth.

Root Canal

During a root canal treatment, your dentist removes the infected pulp tissue leaving your tooth hollow. Your now hollow tooth is much more vulnerable to damage and covering it up with a permanent dental crown is a standard recommendation to prevent further damage.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

When you have a crack in your tooth, it can be painful and make chewing difficult. Furthermore, an infection could spread through the crack to your tooth root to cause more damage. Without the necessary protection, a cracked tooth today could turn into a broken tooth tomorrow due to stress.

Severely chipped teeth need protection from further damage too. That's why your dentist might suggest covering up your cracked or chipped tooth with permanent dental crowns.

Beautify Your Teeth

A beautiful smile is an asset and dental crowns could help you improve dental defects that you dislike such as tooth discolorations or misshaped teeth.

Tooth Replacement

Dental crowns form an integral part of tooth restorations such as dental implants and bridges. Therefore, if you're missing one or more teeth, dental crowns could be part of your tooth restoration.

Speak to your dentist, Dr. Schertzer of Advanced Dental Arts in St. Louis, MO, also serving Oakville, MO, about permanent dental crowns by calling (314) 892-2120 to schedule your consultation.

By Advanced Dental Arts
January 10, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Discover the many ways a dental crown can be used to boost your oral health.dental crowns

There are many scenarios in which our Oakville, MO, dentist, Dr. Aaron Schertzer, will recommend getting a dental crown. No matter whether we’ve told you that you need a dental crown or you are just curious about what this restoration can do, we here to here to answer all of your questions about this tooth-shaped restoration.

There are many reasons and benefits for getting a dental crown. This custom dental restoration is designed to look just like a tooth and is a great way to improve the shape, strength and even color of one or more teeth. A dental crown is hollow so it will fit over and surround a tooth. There are many reasons why our Oakville restorative dentist will recommend a dental crown.

The most obvious situation is if you are dealing with a cracked or damaged tooth. If there is enough damage to the tooth that it won’t fully function without potentially incurring more damage then a dental crown will be placed over it to become the new outer layer. A crown can also be placed if the tooth has significant decay and a dental filling isn’t enough to support the tooth.

If the dental pulp has become inflamed or infected by bacteria, decay or trauma then the pulp will need to be removed during a procedure known as root canal therapy. Once the tooth has been treated it will most likely require a dental crown to restore function and strength back into the tooth.

While dental crowns are often used to preserve a weak or damaged tooth this restoration can also be used for strictly cosmetic purposes, as well. If you have a tooth that is severely malformed, misshapen, worn down from teeth grinding or discolored then you may want to consider the benefits of having a beautiful dental crown to improve its appearance.

If you are dealing with tooth loss you may not realize that dental crowns could also play a role in getting your new tooth but it can. A crown can be cemented over a dental implant to replace a single missing tooth and crowns are also placed over teeth to hold a dental bridge in place.

Let Advanced Dental Arts in Oakville, MO, help you maintain that beautiful smile. Need to schedule a routine cleaning? Want to chat with us about whether dental crowns are right for you? Then call our office today!

By Advanced Dental Arts
January 28, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

If you have had a root canal or large filling in the past, chances are you are well aquatinted with dental crowns. But why are crowns dental crownsneeded? What do they do? Your St. Louis, MO dentist at Advanced Dental Arts can help you understand this crucial procedure.

What are crowns? 
Dental crowns are a cap-like restoration placed over the top of a tooth. Crowns stabilize and support a weakened tooth and restore its shape, size, and color. Crowns are also used to improve a tooth’s appearance. A dental laboratory customizes each crown based on a mold of your mouth. Additionally, each crown is color-matched to your surrounding teeth. These measures ensure a natural appearance.

What are crowns used for? 
Teeth are incredibly strong and durable but do weaken due to trauma or decay. As the decay continues, it eats into and destroys the tooth’s enamel, creating a hole in the tooth. Once your dentist removes the decay, such as during root canal therapy, there is often more filling than tooth left behind. A dental crown placed over this large filling protects the tooth’s original structure. Crowns also restore a broken or cracked tooth and prevent the break or crack from becoming larger. If a tooth is misshapen, heavily discolored or overlapping another tooth, a crown improves the tooth’s appearance.

What is the difference between temporary and permanent crowns? 
Before your dentist fits your dental crown, they must prepare the tooth to receive the crown. This process involves shaving down the enamel to make room for the crown. The tooth becomes the same shape as the inside of the crown, creating a perfect, snug fit. Traditionally, crowns are fitted in two dental appointments. The dental laboratory which creates your crown needs time to design and carve the restoration, hence the time between appointments. However, the tooth is prepared at the first appointment, requiring a temporary crown to protect the tooth until the permanent crown arrives. At the second appointment, the temporary crown is removed and replaced with the permanent crown.

For more information on dental crowns, please contact Dr. Aaron Schertzer, DDS at Advanced Dental Arts in St. Louis, MO. Call (314) 892 -2120 to schedule your appointment today!