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By Advanced Dental Arts
April 26, 2021
Category: Family Dentistry

As your family grows, it quickly becomes apparent how difficult it is to have everyone spread out over different dentist offices. But far from simple convenience, though there is nothing simple about it when you're juggling your daily life, having a family dentist can be remarkably beneficial to you and your loved ones. To learn a whole lot more please get in contact with Dr. Aaron Schertzer of Advanced Dental Arts in Oakville, MO.

The Importance of Convenience

It can sometimes feel like our lives are scheduled down to the very last minute, so when the unexpected happens, too many of us push our dental appointments off until a better time arrives, and it sometimes doesn't. This is exponentially exacerbated when there are multiple members in our household, especially children who cannot take themselves to the office.

But with a family dentist, someone who can treat everyone in your family, you have to manage much less when everyone's dental history is in the same building. When, with enough planning ahead, you may be able to arrange for more than one appointment in a day.

This is helpful not only in terms of time saved, but children must see parents as involved with their own dental care, and understand that this isn't simply something we preach. Something that the little ones who are nervous about dental work will surely appreciate, much more so as a family dentist is a professional with experience in treating children in every phase of their growth. But who also offers the dental treatments you seek.

Family Dentistry in Oakville, MO

Your family dentist can simplify your life by providing just about all the dental care your family may need under one roof, thus making things like scheduling a whole lot easier. So if you want to know if your Oakville, MO, office is the right place for your family, then start by paying a visit. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Schertzer of Advanced Dental Arts by dialing (314) 892-2120.

By Advanced Dental Arts
September 18, 2020
Category: Family Dentistry
Tags: family dentist  

Regular dental checkups are essential if you want to have strong, healthy teeth. Fortunately, a family dentist can provide dental care to every member of your household. If you live in Oakville, choose family dentistry to maintain your family's dental health. Dr. Aaron Schertzer at Advanced Dental Arts provides a wide range of dentistry services designed to keep your family's teeth in excellent condition. Read on to learn why you should choose a family dentist for all your dentistry needs.

Family Dentistry is Convenient

When you choose a family dentist, you enjoy the convenience of making dentist appointments for your family at one central location. Instead of scheduling appointments for your children at a pediatric dentist, while you go to a dentist for adults, you have one convenient location serving Oakville for all your family dentistry appointments.

Family Dentists Treat Patients at Every Life Stage

If your children go to a family dentist, they will not have to transition to another dentist as they grow older. Pediatric dentists only specialize in treating children. In contrast, a family dentist can effectively treat young patients and continue to care for their dental needs as they grow into adults.

Family Dentists Provide Preventative Care

It's important to receive regular dental checkups in order to maintain your oral health. Having a family dentist ensures that your dentist catches dental problems before they have the chance to get worse. Whether your family needs advice on the proper way to brush teeth, the best way to floss or anything in between, a family dentist will help you keep your teeth healthy.

Schedule Your Appointment

Do you live in Oakville and need to explore family dentistry services? Call Dr. Aaron Schertzer to schedule your appointment. Dr. Schertzer and his caring staff will provide the treatment you and your family need to maintain your oral health. Call us at (314) 892-2120 to schedule your visit.