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By Advanced Dental Arts
March 03, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

A cosmetic dentistry procedure might not be something you've ever considered, even if your teeth are showing signs of wear. If you've dental bondingalways assumed cosmetic dentistry equals pain and expense, you've likely never heard of cosmetic dental bonding! At Advanced Dental Arts in Oakville, Missouri, many patients have received cosmetic bonding from Dr. Aaron Schertzer. Curious about how bonding could improve your smile? Read on.

What is cosmetic bonding?

Bonding is a very versatile cosmetic dental procedure. Using a plastic-based resin material, your Oakville cosmetic dentist applies it to surfaces of teeth that have gaps or sustained chips and cracks. Resin, which starts out soft and is then cured (hardened) with a specialized light, is designed to be the same color as your teeth, so it fills in these areas of imperfection seamlessly. In most cases, no anesthesia is required to place bonding on your teeth, which means no discomfort or dental anxiety. It's also a very affordable procedure.

What can cosmetic bonding repair?

Teeth can naturally come in smaller than normal or misshapen and can be distracting, particularly if you have an otherwise perfect smile. Bonding from your Oakville cosmetic dentist reshapes these teeth to match the others in your mouth. In the same manner, cosmetic bonding can fill in gaps that otherwise might require orthodontics to fix. Bonding is also an excellent way to repair teeth that have sustained damage. Even large chips can be filled in with bonding resin, which not only gives you a beautiful smile, but smooths out the rough edges that can result from a chip. Some patients also want to replace their old metal fillings with less noticeable "white" fillings. Bonding is used in these instances as well.

As you can see, cosmetic bonding offers solutions to a variety of different cosmetic dental problems. To learn more about bonding and to see if your situation could benefit from this procedure, contact Advanced Dental Arts in Oakville, Missouri to set up a consultation with Dr. Aaron Schertzer.